Carnal. Allure. Magic. Wild. Boujie.

É Talon is a new sensual all male burlesque show, celebrating both the masculine and feminine qualities of male artists. Wearing high heels and Andrew Christian Underwear, The Stallions will show what the male form can really do with their bodies and their talent painting you a physical performance that will spark your hidden desires. Dare yourself to look beyond the talented men in underwear and you will find the hidden message. It will challenge the stereotypes that society holds on to todays “Man”. Toying with male fashion trends, traditional male dance techniques and other social standards that is 'expected' of the 'perfect' male. É Talon uses sensuality, sexuality, humour and above all talent to give you the most entertaining night of your life, full of traditional burlesque with a modern day twist. This show will speak to everyone and you will leave entertained, spreading love and a spark in your eye.
"Londons sexiest dancers... The majesty of the male form and what's it's capable of was demonstrated in an exciting fashion and we can't wait for their next show"
"This show is truly like nothing I have seen before, get ready to be stunned!"
- Lukas McFarlane (Winner of Got to Dance 2013)
"É Talon is a breath of fresh air in a world otherwise full of society limits, fashion expectations, and politically correct styles, attitudes and characters. The boys are what I dream of; sassy, sexy and ooze of male mojo, all whilst werkin’ it in heels better than any popstar backing dancer you’ve seen. They make heels look as comfy as slippers, and jocks like they deserve to be shown off to the world. A palatial mix of romance, lust, sex and pure athletic skill - this group is nothing short of male perfection, proving that society ‘norms’ are just that - normal, and anything out of it, is exceptional."
- Nieko Strobel (PR and FETCH)
"5 stallions - 5 stallions . London sexiest dancers for any event"
- Alex Scurr (Owner of Gay Mans Dance Company)
We currenly do not hold any future date for our next shows.
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